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Welcome to the multi-faceted world of This site features some of my primary interests and offers insight into how I spend my time and what brings me the most pleasure.



This year marks my 42nd year as a performing musician.

In that time, I have been a successful guitar player, bass player, drummer, singer, songwriter, recording engineer, record producer and rabid music fan.

This site showcases some of the more interesting original music stuff I've had the pleasure of being part of.

Click on any of the original music bands on the right to hear them, read about the members, watch videos (some bands) and maybe even contact me if you want.

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Totally 3rd

I also spend a great deal of time promoting education.

Please visit to see the extent of this effort.

Original music, a variety of worksheets, activity pages and online exercises written specifically for the tastes and sensibilities of 3rd grade students are available there.

These materials provide an interesting and compelling way to introduce, re-enforce and review more than 50 popular areas of study.

There is also an active and vibrant blog on the site that discusses many of the issues that teachers deal with daily.

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