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21 Reasons

   21 Reasons

(L-R)  Tony Trevino,   Scott Brown,   Steve Strong,    Marc Hudson,    Steve Strong,   Bryan Mace,   Scott Brown




I got into 21 Reasons by accident.

The nucleus of the band (Steve Strong, Marc Hudson and Scott Brown) was already formed and many of the songs were near completion. The only thing holding back the recording process was the lack of a bass player and a little help in the studio to run the console.

That's when I got a call. I have a ton of experience as a bass player, composer and studio engineer and I'd also played with all of the guys in other bands.

I composed and cut the bass on 10 of the 11 songs and those parts helped shape and brought life to the songs.

Not long after finishing the recording, I got a call from Steve asking if I'd come and perform the songs live with the band to help promote the CD. I knew the material and it would take very little additional effort to create a live, working band. I gave it a shot.

Those calls kept coming and so I rather accidentally ended up performing with 21 Reasons for several months.




January album cover

Steve Strong

Steve Strong: Guitar

Marc Hudson

Marc Hudson: Drums

Scott Brown

Scott Brown: Vocals

Tony Trevino

Anthony Trevino: Even more guitar

Bryan Mace

Bryan Mace: Bass

Andy Brown: Keys

Stan Hampton: Bass on "Rain"

Emily Nelson: Backup vocals on "Rain"

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