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Teacher and the Rockbots



The Story:


Teacher and the Rockbots is a cartoon band that I co-produced with my old songwriting partner, Chris Bihuniak, and it is a modern day equivalent to Schoolhouse Rock, only more rockin' and trippier.

Depending on the song, you can hear me play drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals and percussion. It keeps me very busy. Chris also plays guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals, so we can cover a ton of ground.

I'm also responsible for engineering, recording, mixing and mastering the band. Since most songs involve 30+ tracks and most CDs involve 13 songs, it means I have to keep track of 390 or more individual performances per CD. It is a big job to do alone. Can you say "back-up my computer?"

The project started in March 2004 after Chris and I heard some of the music that my wife, Cara, was playing for the kids in her classroom (she's a third grade teacher). I thought I was going to puke. It sounded like what you'd get if Lawrence Welk turned Evangelical and then learned how to play the kazoo.

We decided to take a different approach and have recieved lots of critical reviews (read them on my educational site, Totally 3rd, awards and other encouraging bits for our effort.

Sorry the samples are all truncated; I can't post full samples due to currently active distribution and publishing agreements.

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