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The Blankies

the blankies


The Story:


The Blankies is a cartoon band that I co-produced with my old songwriting partner, Chris Bihuniak. The songs were written for the Kindergarten crowd, but as you can hear, there is nothing childish about the sound.

Bubble Bath features one of my custom-made trippy drum loops and has a melody that will stick in your head for days. I love the harmony parts.

ABC's Remix has been referred to as "clubbing for tots" music and it is certainly that.

Head, Nose, Belly Button, Toes is just plain fun and the bass and drum parts I play during the verses will get you moving.

Courtesy is the opening song from Peace and it is deceptively simple. Some messages just don't need much embellishment.

Parts of an Insect was a real challenge lyrically since the number of words that rhyme with "abdomen" and "thorax" are few and far between. I prevailed anyway.

Thank You is a haunting song and features some really great bass playing tucked just under the mix. It sucks that I have to use such short samples because this song builds beautifully.

Jump, Walk, Spin is another fun song. I ripped off the opening bass ideas from David Bowie's "Fame." I always liked that kind of sparse playing, but usually had a hard time staying out of the way. I nailed it here.

Pick it Up is a tribute to my interest in exotic sounds. The drum sounds are created by placing cymbals on my drums and hitting them. I love the "clang" sound that my mini China cymbal makes.

Again, I apologize that all of the samples are truncated; distribution and publishing agreements keep me from posting full samples. I really hate being stingy for economic reasons.

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